Our Travel Agents

Since our establishment in 1986, Athlone Travel has grown to be one of Victoria’s leading Travel Agencies. In September 2010 we became a Carlson Wagonlit Affiliate in order to serve you better. We are a full service travel agency, dealing with leisure and corporate travel, as well as groups.

Through experienced staff and key memberships to various travel organizations, we are able to provide the best service and value for your travel dollar. Being independently owned and operated, we are able to choose associations that best serve our clients. As a member of Carlson Wagonlit Associate Program, Athlone Travel gains the buying power of a large chain without sacrificing our individuality. We have memberships to several recognized and respected travel and business organizations including IATA, CLIA, and the Better Business Bureau of Victoria, BC.        

Please drop into our Oak Bay Offices – opposite Starbucks in the Oak Bay Village. We have 12 travel agents who are able to help and guide you.

Whether you are a student, a parent, a senior; whether you are older or younger, male or female, at Athlone Travel you will find an agent who you really like and can relate to. It’s like finding a doctor or a hair dresser, once you find the agent you like and trust, you will never want to lose their expertise and friendship.

Our costs are low and we encourage you to browse the Internet and especially our Home Page and “Our Tours” section before you come in and talk. We then guide you on making the best decision around your particular needs.

And don’t forget, when you set off on your journey, we will always be at the end of the telephone line. Even should things go wrong, and you become stranded in London or Newark Airport, you can call 250-598-5252 and you will have your team standing by ready to assist, as you watch your fellow passengers scrambling for unavailable help.

“….. I recall the flight being cancelled due to weather at the very last minute. Passengers were all in panic trying to get to the airport desks. I casually stepped back, called Kara at Athlone Travel on my mobile. Within minutes I was rebooked and confirmed on an alternate flight via Seattle”.


We are pleased to have put together this powerful “tool box” to HELP you with the various issues we all face as travellers.

Elizabeth Smith
President and Co-Owner
Elizabeth has been President of Athlone Travel (Oak Bay) Ltd. since 1986 when the company was formed to continue the vision of Budget Travel then owned by Peter Wheaton, still a trusted friend and travel agent at the agency. As co-owner with Jane Purdie and Loraine Curtis, the three travel agents lead a team of twelve agents, all of which are ready to serve you, the public of Oak Bay and Greater Victoria. Being born and raised in London, Liz has a great passion for her home country which she manages to visit, especially now four of her grandchildren are there, every year. There are few travel agents with such a diverse set of travel industry connections across the world, and especially in the UK.
Jane Purdie
Peter Wheaton
Travel Agent